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In the real world of business, “perfect” strategies are not called for. What counts… is not performance in absolute terms but performance relative to competitors. -Kenichi Ohmae

Mebits Information Technology Nig. Ltd.

Is a start-up from the era of bubble.com now fully matured to take up the real challenge. Established – registered in Nigeria (Abuja) under Companies and Allied matters act of 1990 on the 24th of July, 2001 with the registration number 421307. A limited liabilities company with share capital of N200,000:00 divided into 200,000 ordinary shares of N1.00 each. The management core members constitutes the board of diretors.

                                                                                                                                                Through provision of quality business and technology solutions and services to our clients, we intend to create a self-sustainted technology hub that will provide the necessary educational training in business management, information technology, and enterpreneur incentives for the youth population in Nigeria.

It is our believe that, Nigeria has the potential to play big role in the future technology environment with all it’s challenges. Our readiness and committement to the youths in guiding and managing the talents is an extra motivation that we all cherish.

The goal of Mebits is to provide an environment of active learning using hands on experience, audio-visual tools and materials, with the help of qualified and experienced instructor. The reason why we seek close cooperation with the higher institution in our community as a partner. Based on the current trend in technology, our major focus are set on Data Science and Database using Linux as an opensystem with Anaconda development plattform.

Our management orientation embraces strong leadership that is sustainable with healthy collaboration to shape a better future using our collective competencies. Integrity and accountability are two attributes that must be displayed by any member aspiring to climb to the position of management.

                                                                                                                                                Diversity in culture and personality is a guiding philosophy in our recruitment policy. Nobody is left behind within the organisation. Our passion in what we do, the quality of our products, and the satisfaction in creating values for our clients are our guiding day to day policy.

Oluyemi Medahunsi
Founder and CEO

"What you don't have, you cannot give, but what you don't know, you can learn”

B.Sc Information Technology, MBA Sales strategy and Enterpreneurship, SAP Associate Developer.

Admin Manager

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Technology Manager

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Sales Marketing Coordinator

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